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Islamophobia - an entirely rational recognition of the threat posed by radical Islam.

Racist/Fascist/Islamophobe/Etc. - anyone who recognises said threat or attempts to resist the global jihad.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Left-wing bias at the BBC? Never!

Alan Hayling, former commissioning editor for "documentaries" at Channel 4 and subsequently director of "documentaries" at the BBC was responsible (along with "reporter", John Pilger, who, like many others in his field, continues to take the facts and spin them into his own "war on truth") for the failed socialist tabloid, "News on Sunday" - declared bankrupt after just eight weeks.

At the BBC, Hayling went on to claim responsibility for such influential (and balanced!?) "documentaries" as Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" and "The Awful Truth".

"The radical who fled the revolution"

Unable to push his socialist agenda as hard as he'd like at the BBC, he now runs an "independent" production company called "Renegade Pictures" - so treat anything from that stable (as well as his former ventures, "Mentorn Films" and "Voyager Films") with extreme scepticism.


Thanks to Drinking from Home:

Of the 30 best-paid state-employed media executives from the Taxpayers’ Alliance Public Sector Rich List (pdf) published last week, 13 work for Ofcom. No wonder they like tax-funded solutions so much.

1 BBC Mark Thompson Director General 619,000
2 Channel 4 Kevin Lygo Director of TV 565,000*
3 Channel 4 Andy Duncan Chief Executive 549,000*
4 BBC Mark Byford Deputy Director General 456,000
5 BBC John Smith Chief Operations Officer 444,000
6 Ofcom Stephen Carter Chief Executive 440,667
7 Channel 4 Andy Barnes Sales Director 409,000*
8 BBC Jana Bennett Director of Television 353,000
9 Ofcom Kip Meek Chief Policy Partner 338,579
10 BBC Zarin Patel Finance Director 324,000
11 BBC Jenny Abramsky Director of Radio and Music 322,000
12 BBC Caroline Thompson Director of Strategy 317,000
13 BBC Ashley Highfield Director of New Media 311,000
14 Ofcom Ed Richards Chief Operating Officer 308,930
15 BBC Stephen Dando Head of BBC People 292,000
16 BBC Tim Davie Director of Marketing 287,000
17 Ofcom Sean Williams Partner, Competition 251,186
18 Ofcom Tim Suter Partner, Content and Standards 243,387
19 Ofcom Peter Ingram Chief Technology Officer 238,540
20 Ofcom Dominic Morris CBE Director of the CEO’s Office 221,692
21 Ofcom Philip Rutnam Partner, Competition and Strategic Resources 210,811
22 Ofcom Sandra Jenner HR Director 210,191
23 Ofcom Lord Currie Chairman 193,737
24 Ofcom Graham Howell Secretary to the Corporation 182,668
25 Ofcom Tony Stoller CBE External Relations Director 182,595
26 Channel 4 Rod Henwood New Business Director 180,000*
27 Ofcom Rona Chester Finance Director 177,639
28 UK Film Council John Woodward Chief Executive 176,794*
29 Channel 4 Anne Bulford Finance Director 173,000*
30 Central Office of Information Alan Bishop Chief Executive 155,000


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