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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Quiet international arrests

I've come across a few international stories which don't seem to be making the grade in the British press (presumably because they deal with Islamic terrorism which, as we know in the UK, is entirely a fabrication of Bush and the Joooz).

A Muslim (Mohammed Islam - made up name, surely) with a British passport is arrested in Australia with $118,000 dollars in $50 notes in his suitcase and a mobile phone up his arse - nothing suspicious we're told.

A Muslim with an American passport is arrested in Detroit with $80,000 dollars, a laptop full of nuclear information and a threatening note - nothing suspicious, in fact they almost let him go.

6 men arrested after being removed from a plane in Minneapolis. Apparently they were Imams who were just saying their prayers. In the current climate they might have chosen to say their prayers quietly to themselves. However, I suspect this will turn out to be part of the ongoing attempts by radical (or "moderate" as it is often referred to in the media) Islam to deliberately create an incident in order push the boundaries of acceptability in western society - like the recent veils tests in the UK. I suspect they were deliberately acting suspiciously ("He pointed out that it was through this kind of civil disobedience that ethnic profiling would fail") in order to arouse the "Islamophobia" of their fellow travellers and create an incident. As it has been pointed out numerous times: if Mohammed Atta had been removed from the plane on the morning of 11 Sept 2001 it's unlikely he could have been arrested since he had no bombs or banned weapons. It would just have been reported as another "Islamophobic" incident (or is "Islamophobia" a result of him not being removed from the plane?).

I guess this must be happening so often that it isn't news anymore.

Update 28 Nov: How the imams terrorized an airliner.


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