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I have voted Liberal Democrat for 20 years but as the "Left" declines further and further into insanity and leaves me further and further to the "Right", I see no alternative but to vote for the BNP (or another right-of-centre party should one appear). Tired of seeing the ever increasing number of rabid, ludicrous, hate-filled, "left-wing" blogs, I thought I'd better participate. Now it seems this makes me a racist, fascist, Islamophobic, "Zio-Nazi" (!), crusading white supremacist! I'm such an enigma, even to myself.

Islamophobia - an entirely rational recognition of the threat posed by radical Islam.

Racist/Fascist/Islamophobe/Etc. - anyone who recognises said threat or attempts to resist the global jihad.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rising toll of deaths before dishonour

"A Sunday Telegraph investigation has established that honour killings are increasing rapidly in Britain.

Home Office statistics suggest that there are 12 such murders each year. However, according to research, the true figure is much higher. At a conference in Southampton last week, police chiefs revealed that they are re-examining 2,000 deaths and-murders between 1996 and 2006 to establish whether they involve honour killings. So far, 19 have now been found to be honour killings. A further 20 involved some element of "honour violence".

The string of deaths is likely to include some that were previously deemed suicides but have been found to be forced suicides and murder disguised as suicide.
One senior police source admitted ... "We started to learn lessons," he said, "and then stopped learning them as a result of political correctness.""

Nothing to do with Islam though, it's those pesky "Asians" - isn't that turning something from an entirely religious problem into a racial one? Ah well, racism's probably better than "Islamophobia". Apparently Britain has "honour killing hot spots" including London, the West Midlands, West Yorkshire and Lancashire.

"A recent survey among young Asian men has revealed that one in 10 believes honour killings can be justified."

That's cultural enhancement.

The Guardian - Special units to crack down on honour killing.


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