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Friday, August 17, 2007

Edinburgh International Flam Festival

Not really much of a surprise but we came across this carefully worded leader for one of the typically right-on, politically-correct, anti-Israel films at this years Edinburgh International Flam Festival:

"Beirut Stories - A tumultuous year in Lebanon: a revealing and dynamic set of short films shot from the day Israel began its assault in July 2006 to spring 2007."

That's the day Israel "began its assault". Skipping right past the day Hezbollah started the war with its assault, firing rockets and mortars into Israel, invading Israel and killing and kidnapping Israeli soldiers. It should better say that these films document, with extreme bias, Israel's response to Hezbollah's assault. Small, insignificant facts to the intended audience.

I loved Edinburgh when I was there in the early 90s but it must be one of the most pretentious and stuck-up cities in the world (as any Glaswegian will happily confirm) and the film festival organisers (as well as the fringe and - especially - the festival-proper) know exactly who there audience is.

Few working class people will be venturing into the city centre from the likes of Wester Hailes, Pilton or Craigmillar to spend their hard-earned cash on the sort of over-priced tripe generally on offer at the fringe. It's pretty much the exclusive realm of luvvies from Morningside or Marchmont.

Not that I want to get into slagging Morningside but I coincidentally came across this review of one of the main pubs in Morningside which I think - deliberately or not on the part of the reviewers - sums up the area, if not the whole of Edinburgh, perfectly.

"One of the only pubs in Edinburgh to have any class... I recommend you to ask for a mid 1990s Beaujolais nouveau at the bar to be assured of great service."

"looks that suggested i was in a bar 'out of my league'...the customers are the real problem here."

"I get the impression the Canny Man's is deliberately alienating as customers the sort of people I and many others would cross the road to avoid...I just wish the staff of the likes of the Cafe Royal and the Guildford Arms were a little "ruder" to some of the neds who sadly drop in...last remaining pubs to maintain customer standards"

"never, ever, have I come across such a bunch of impertinent, self-absorbed and undeniably arrogant bunch of folk. "

"This amazing looking place is ruined by snobbery and cliquishness"

Well, you will drink in Morningside. Having said that, you wouldn't catch me in a pub in Craigmillar, either.


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