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Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Somali alliance threatens war

"Somali Islamists and opposition leaders meeting in Eritrea have joined forces in a new alliance to overthrow Somalia's transitional government.

"We have two-track options - first is the liberation of Somalia through military struggle, the second is through diplomatic efforts," said Zakariya Mahamud Abdi, spokesman for the Somali Congress."

In order of preference.

""We warn Ethiopia to withdraw immediately. It is now or never and in a few weeks they will not have a route to withdraw," Abdi said."

Clearly they want to get on with war before the UN arrive (assuming, for a moment, they ever do).


At 1:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Contrary to what many believe this is not Christian agains Moslem war.

Ethiopia and Eritrea both have 50:50
divide of Christians and moslems. Both countries are led by secular christians. The whole mess is to do with their border, until US came and took the side of Ethiopia and started to arm it and use it as a cheap proxy fighter on the war on terror with Somalia whih shares a large border.
This has upset the balance of power, so Eritrea to frustrate Ethiopia is backing the somalis and the ogadens who are fighing for self determinaion.

Confused ? You will be.

Here is an info on the whole saga.



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