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I have voted Liberal Democrat for 20 years but as the "Left" declines further and further into insanity and leaves me further and further to the "Right", I see no alternative but to vote for the BNP (or another right-of-centre party should one appear). Tired of seeing the ever increasing number of rabid, ludicrous, hate-filled, "left-wing" blogs, I thought I'd better participate. Now it seems this makes me a racist, fascist, Islamophobic, "Zio-Nazi" (!), crusading white supremacist! I'm such an enigma, even to myself.

Islamophobia - an entirely rational recognition of the threat posed by radical Islam.

Racist/Fascist/Islamophobe/Etc. - anyone who recognises said threat or attempts to resist the global jihad.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Muslim 'peace' adverts launched

"An advertising campaign promoting British Muslims as integrated citizens who reject extremism has been launched.

Islam is Peace - formed after the bombings in London in July 2005 - has initially placed adverts on the capital's buses and Underground trains.

They show a range of Muslims - including a policewoman, a Scout group and the chef Michael Barry - with the slogan "Proud to be a British Muslim".

Organisers say research shows many Britons associate Islam with terrorism."

Why would many Britons associate Islam with terror? It's a mystery. Perhaps, rather than targeting their propaganda at me, this money might be better spent trying to convince those members of the "Religion of Peace", who would blow themselves up on the same buses and trains now sporting these adverts, that Islam and terrorism don't go together.


At 3:55 pm, Blogger yahasiff said...

"Research shows many Britons associate Islam with terrorism."

That's the type of sentense that some idiot leftist politician will say with a straight face and not even realize the irony. We are governed by people who are criminally stupid.


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