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Islamophobia - an entirely rational recognition of the threat posed by radical Islam.

Racist/Fascist/Islamophobe/Etc. - anyone who recognises said threat or attempts to resist the global jihad.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

UN protests after Darfur attack

"The United Nations has lodged a protest with Khartoum after a peacekeeping supply convoy in Darfur was ambushed by what the UN said were Sudanese troops.

A civilian Sudanese driver is in a critical condition after being shot seven times in the attack, the joint UN and African Union force, Unamid, said.

It said its peacekeepers had not fired back and there were no UN casualties.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon condemned the strike "in the strongest terms"."

I would think defending yourself and returning fire, sending the message that the UN are there with a purpose, would be more helpful to the mission. Another couple of attacks should see the UN out of Sudan and let the government and Islamist militia finish their ethnic cleansing. In Britain the ethnic cleansing of natives from large swathes of our cities tends to be largely non-violent; voluntary even.

The UN mission in Lebanon - to defend the re-arming of Hezbollah - may not last much longer either, now that Hezbollah are almost ready to start another war.


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