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Islamophobia - an entirely rational recognition of the threat posed by radical Islam.

Racist/Fascist/Islamophobe/Etc. - anyone who recognises said threat or attempts to resist the global jihad.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Faith and unreason: The headteacher hounded from her job

"Erica Connor took a failing school and turned it into a beacon of academic achievement and racial harmony. So why was she driven from her job by religious extremists and misguided officials?
The head of the once-thriving New Monument school in Woking, Surrey, Connor had borne the brunt of an unpleasant and unrelenting three-year campaign, conducted by a handful of local activists, to turn her non-denominational state primary into an Islamic faith school.

She had been attacked in the small print of a widely circulated petition demanding her removal; insulted in a rare graffiti scrawl across the front of the school; verbally abused by two of the school governors; and advised, for her own safety, to carry a personal police alarm at all times. Connor, who had always regarded herself as an optimist, was suffering from loss of sleep, loss of memory, loss of weight, loss of confidence. She was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and prescribed anti-depressants.
Yet her repeated attempts to enlist the aid of her local education authority were in vain; it had decided instead to take up her opponents' cause. Despite support from her staff, parents and the community, Connor and her school were investigated - twice - by the LEA following accusations of racism and Islamophobia. Last month, at the High Court, she finally won £407,781 damages for negligence from Surrey County Council.
Around 90 per cent of New Monument's pupils, including children of Pakistani, Saudi and Omani descent, speak English as a second language. Around 80 per cent are Muslim....Many of New Monument's mothers were ill-educated, even illiterate
on 15 June a three-page petition appeared, apparently signed by parents, which called for her sacking on the grounds that she was a racist and Islamophobe.
"The petition said that I didn't respect their language, their values, their culture, that I was out for myself and I just wanted to make money. It said I was Jewish, that I had missionaries coming into the school, that I was Catholic. It attacked the staff's dress and mine. It was just endless. It's so ludicrous it's almost laughable, although at the time it wasn't at all."
Many parents had been intimidated into signing the document...
Though the judge in Connor's case later called the petition "itself racist", the police were reluctant to investigate who was responsible for the document, because its contents failed to meet the statutory criteria for inciting racial hatred. Nevertheless, they handed out police alarms to staff and advised them all to go home immediately at the end of each school day.
Remarkably, her first reaction upon seeing the media coverage of her case was to feel sympathy for Paul Martin..."whatever he and Saleem did, they did from personal conviction and passion""

Well, that's alright then.

Coming to a school near you.


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